Drive your trains like the real thing
What is ZephyrCab?

With ZephyrCab, I aim to deliver the best possible driving experience for modelers, giving them the same experience as a real engineer. You'll have to carefully accelerate, operate simulated air brakes, and deal with events like wheelslip and even running out of fuel. All the while, your existing DCC-equipped models will be responding to your controls as if they were 1:1 scale. You'll hear the engine rev when you notch up the throttle, hear air hissing when you operate the brakes, and hear the compressor kick on when your pressure is low. With the help of some really awesome people, I'm building a software that I hope will make everyone's layout more enjoyable.

- Hampton (k4kfh@github)

How does it work?

ZephyrCab functions very similarly to Bruce Kingsley's "Ultimate DCC Throttle" project, demonstrated here.

  1. You tell JMRI information about each roster entry, including what prototype locomotive it is, and some data about the model's speed range.
  2. It connects to your layout via JMRI's WebSockets JSON servlet.
  3. When you run ZephyrCab, you'll use our graphical "Train Builder" tool to tell the program what is on your train. This is so the physics engine can accurately simulate the motion physics for every part of the train, rolling stock included.
  4. You go to the virtual cab, and you have the same controls as a real locomotive.
Get Started

ZephyrCab is quite early in development right now, so I do not recommend that non-developers try it at this point.

If you would like to learn more, you can check out: